Heart of an Emerging Community

The proposed project location at 341 N 10th St sits in Sacramento’s River District, an emerging region transitioning from an industrial past to a residential and commercial future. The site is situated next door to a new city park and two blocks away from the Mirasol Village Redevelopment Project, which provides modern, efficient mix-income housing together with another city park, community garden, urban fruit orchard, complete street redesign, and new light rail station.

Between Mirasol Village, Township 9, and other nearby housing projects in development, Alchemist Public Market will be within a 10 minute walk of an estimated 10,000 residents, and a 10 minute bike ride of many more.

The site will also be just a 10 minute walk for office workers at locations like the California State Lottery and the 1 million+ square foot Richards Blvd Office Complex, housing the State Department of General Services (under construction). Together, these represent roughly 6,400 office workers. Alchemist Public Market is also a mere 6 minute walk from the site of the future Sacramento Republic Railyards Stadium, which will be built to accommodate 12,000+ visitors per event.

The River District is presently under-served with dining options and groceries, and the rapid growth coming to the area in the next few years will drive massive new demand for coffee, lunch, after-work drinks, and dinner. Furthermore, the thousands of new residents will need to form a community identity and find public places to gather and meet and allow for social networks to emerge. Alchemist Public Market will be a perfect fit to help cultivate this new community by providing a beautiful, welcoming, and active space.

The project area is one in need of environmentally-conscious, inclusive economic development. The location is simultaneously identified as:

Additionally, the site is well-positioned for both active-transit and public-transit orientation, as it will be within a 10 minute walk of 4 light rail stops on 2 light rail lines (Green and Blue) and has easy access to bike trails and the forthcoming complete street design on 12th St.