Press Kit – Statements and Quotes

Local Leaders and Elected Representatives

“The Alchemist Public Market is an innovative approach to economic opportunity and workforce development for historically-underserved individuals. This project is for the community, by the community, and will help ensure that those facing high barriers to employment will not be left behind as our state transitions to more sustainable, climate forward industries. We are proud to support Alchemist and look forward to seeing all their hard work come to fruition.”
Derek Kirk. Assistant Deputy Secretary for Climate at the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency.

“Alchemist CDC is an amazing organization that uplifts entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds. Thank you to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research for seeing the benefit of increasing food access to under-served communities here in Sacramento, via the CERF Economic Development Pilot Program grant. I was proud to help deliver a  $450,000 State Budget allocation in 2021, and with this new grant, the Alchemist Public Market project will be fully funded. This market will be a great hub for entrepreneurs to gain the support needed to cultivate a successful business, while also contributing to the River District’s growing economy.”
Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento). California’s 6th Assembly District.

“Proud to be a long time partner with Alchemist in delivering food equity across the Sacramento region. These additional resources will be well spent in pursuit of serving an even broader community by addressing food insecurity and access for families across their service area.”
Senator Angelique Ashby (D-Sacramento). California’s 8th Senate District.

“Alchemist CDC’s Public Market will be a transformative project for the River District and for all of Sacramento. I was proud to support this project as the team at Alchemist fought for state and federal funding, and now that they are fully funded, I can’t wait to see the businesses that will flourish and grow out of this space.”
Mayor Darrell Steinberg. City of Sacramento.

“I’m really excited to see the Alchemist Public Market coming online in the River District. Sam and his team have been working hard for years to bring this market to the area, and it’s such a win-win for everyone involved. Providing a leg up for local entrepreneurs while also making fresh, healthy food accessible to the community will make a tremendous impact in the River District, particularly for our new residents at Mirasol Village.”
Councilmember Katie Valenzuela. City of Sacramento, District 4.

“The Alchemist Public Market adds value to Sacramento’s brand as the farm-to-fork capital. Chefs and food creatives need support to take the leap in becoming business owners. APM is the ecosystem where entrepreneurs can get industry-specific business assistance to thrive. The City of Sacramento Office of Innovation and Economic Development’s early seed funding and technical assistance to Alchemist throughout the process has proven fruitful, and we are grateful for the State’s CERF investment to this project that will bring jobs and positive economic impact to our city and region.”
Michael Jasso. Assistant City Manager at the City of Sacramento.

Project Partners

“Dreyfuss + Blackford (D+B) has a long history of using our planning and design acumen to contribute to our community at large. The Alchemist Public Market project resonated with our practice not just because we love to come together over tasty food and drinks, but because we felt very aligned with the program’s mission and vision. Many of our employees are members and residents of the surrounding communities in the area, and we want to support programs like Alchemist Public Market to ensure the Sacramento region continues to develop into a more vibrant, equitable, diverse, and healthy city. We appreciate the results that Alchemist CDC has already achieved and can’t wait to see what they can do with a thoughtfully designed campus that will support the entire district.”
Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture

“The River District is extremely excited for the development of the Alchemist Public Market. This project will not only drive inclusive economic development for our area, but will bring vibrancy in the form of a community gathering place and a source for healthy sustenance. Located right next door to the brand new River District Park, and just steps away from the Township 9 light rail station, Mirasol Village, and the state of California’s new Richards Boulevard Office Complex, this project could not be happening at a better place and time.”
Devin Strecker, LPM. Executive Director at The River District.

Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Participants (Food Entrepreneurs)

“The Alchemist Microenterprise Academy and Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program have provided me with the right tools to begin my catering business. Not only have they empowered us with the knowledge of professionals and guest speakers in their fields, but their one-on-one mentorship has had an invaluable impact on my career and success to date! Alchemist Public Market will mean that small businesses like myself will have access to affordable kitchen space, and a continued support of cultural diversity, business equity, and women of color entrepreneurship!”
Jennifer Romero. Owner / Chef at Hooked on Paella.

“The Alchemist Kitchen programs have helped me launch an idea into a full blown business! Not only does Alchemist Microenterprise Academy take the baby steps with you and your company, but they also celebrate the huge triumphs your business makes! These programs are definitely part of the foundation of my sauce business. The Alchemist Public Market means so much for my business. Being able to showcase my product as well as showcase my skills as an entrepreneur will definitely help shine the light on my growing business.”
Jasmine Bonilla. Owner and Founder at Jazz’s Saucy Sauce.

“Alchemist Microenterprise Academy / Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program has been a net of support, helping small food businesses navigate the complexities of permits and kitchens in order to get our dreams off the ground. I’m so grateful for the mentorship I’ve received over recent years, and for the growing community it’s continuing to become. I’m so excited for the infrastructure and gathering space that the Alchemist Public Market will offer for entrepreneurs and the Sacramento community.”
Chloe McElyea. Cultivator for a Sustainable Future at Table Farm & Table Bread, a social enterprise of The Table at Central United Methodist Church

“Being in this program is life changing. The marketplace will allow us to become financially stable.”
Regina Range. Founder and Owner at The Burnt Skillet LLC.